Meinberg LANTIME M900

Product No.: LANTIME M900

Meinberg NTP Timeserver Platform for Customized Time and Frequency Synchronization Systems

Manufacturer: Meinberg

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product description

NTP Timeserver Platform for Customized Time and
Frequency Synchronization Systems

Key Features
· Selectable Reference Sources: GPS: Satellite receiver for the Global Positioning System GNS:
Combined GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou satellite receiver (L1 frequency band), can also be used for
mobile applications PZF: DCF77 correlation receiver for middle europe MSF: Long wave receiver for
Great Britain WWVB: Long wave receiver for the US time signal TCR: Time code receiver for IRIG A/B,
AFNOR or IEEE1344 codes MRS: (GPS, PPS, 10MHz, NTP): Multi Reference Source - several
reference sources, adjustable following priority of signal
· Synchronization of NTP and SNTP compatible clients
· Web-based status and configuration interface (Demo) and console-based graphical configuration utility
Supported networking protocols: IPv4, IPv6, HTTPS, HTTP, SSH, TELNET, SCP, SFTP, FTP,
Alert-Notification system of status change by Email, WinMail, SNMP or an external connected display
Full SNMP v1,v2,v3 support with own SNMP-daemon for status and configuration and SNMP Trap
USB Port for installing firmware updates, locking frontpanel menu access and backup/restore of
configuration and log files
Meinberg GPS Antenna/Converter Unit connected with up to 300m of standard coaxial cable RG58
Meinberg's LANTIME time server is available with a variety of additional output options: IRIG Time
Code, frequency synthesizer and programmable pulse outputs illustrate some of the many expansion
options for your NTP server
Up to 9 network interfaces

Available LANTIME M900 Products

Part NumberDescription
LANTIME M900/GPS/BGTNTP Time Server in 3U 19" Modular Case (1x RJ45) GPS Satellite Receiver, incl. GPSANT and 20m Cable
LANTIME M900/MRS/BGTNTP Time Server in 3U 19" Modular Case (1x RJ45) Reference Inputs: GPS, PPS, IRIG, NTP


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