Allegro ALG-111

Product No.: ALG-111

Allegro Network Multimeter 1200 16 GB Memory, 5x 1Gbit/s and 2x SFP+ 1G/10G ports

Manufacturer: Allegro

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  • weight 4.20 kg

product description

Designed for ISPs, corporate, campus and datacenter networks
The Allegro 1000 series fits perfectly into all environments with Gigabit and 10 Gigabit cabling. It allows you to monitor the last 80,000 seen IP addresses and up to 32 million connections for retroactive debugging and investigation

Real time and historic web view
The Allegro 1000 series delivers network statistics and selective packet captures from Layer 2 to 7 for real time as well as past time intervals for several days. The easy-to-use web interface provides a drill down from global overviews to detailed statistics including IPs, MACs, L7 protocols, TCP retransmissions

Immediate results
The Allegro 1000 series offers immediate statistics at the installation point. Just place the Allegro in line, on a tap, or use it on a mirror or span port to see what happens at this point

Powerful and portable
The Allegro 1000 is a portable solution (weighing less than 3 kg). The Allegro 1200 is a 1 U rack solution with additional extensions slots. The additional internal packet ring buffer allows you to extract captures from past traffic with a simple click as a browser download

Extensible ethernet ports
The Allegro 1000 series devices have several extension options for additio­nal connectivity. The number of 1, 2.5, 5 or 10 GbE copper/SFP+ ports can be increased by up to 4 additional ports. Two different high precision cards (with and without an internal GPS receiver) allow you to capture network traffic with nanosecond precision and support SFP+ from 100FX to 10 GBit/s

Quality Made in Germany
The Allegro 1000 series is developed in Leipzig, Germany. Purchasing the Allegro 1000 series includes direct support from our qualified team based in Germany


allegro 1000 datasheet.pdf Allegro 1000 (0.30 MB)

Allegro 1000 Series Datasheet

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