Pica8 P-OS-10G-OF

Product No.: P-OS-10G-OF

Pica8 PicOS 10/25/40GE Switch OpenFlow Edition (Base Linux + Layer 2 + OpenFlow)

Manufacturer: Pica8

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product description

Almost a decade ago Pica8 was first to market with an open Linux-based NOS running on a variety of commodity white box networking switches. Close to 1,000 customers later, Pica8’s PICOS® network operating system now supports all major L2/L3 switching and routing protocols while continuing to deliver both “classic” SDN solutions through Pica8’s adoption of Open-vSwitch (OVS) as well as a groundbreaking blended implementation that practically applies SDN-like control - without service interruption -- directly onto operational L2/L3 networks. We describe this as the infinitely programmable network.

Choose Enterprise or SDN Editions

  • Traditional switching and routing support is key for easy integration into existing network topologies, so PICOS has it

  • PICOS also delivers classic SDN solutions through the adoption of Open-vSwitch (OVS) and northbound interfaces

  • Pica8’s innovative dual control plane CrossFlowTM technology allows concurrent OpenFlow control of traditional L2/L3 switching and routing network ports for the first time

  • Table Type Patterns (TTP) and memory table management allow for greater flow scale

Boot with a CLI or boot with Linux

  • PICOS offers a comprehensive and flexible configuration management environment from a feature-rich command line interface (CLI) or a Linux shell

  • Unlike competitive offerings, PICOS runs as an application on an unmodified Linux kernel. This gives PICOS users full access to all other Debian applications with a standard apt-get command. It also enables automation tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and Salt to automate network provisioning, and lets users add other agents or controllers that they may want to implement

  • Ensure rapid service provisioning through multiple open programming interfaces and enabling DevOps automation


pica8 picos-datasheet.pdf PicOS Datasheet (0.54 MB)

PICA8 PicOS Datasheet

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