Cumulus CL-PER-L-5YR

Product No.: CL-PER-L-5YR

Cumulus Linux Perpetual License for Leaf Nodes (10G, 25G), Includes 5 Year Software Updates and Support

Manufacturer: Cumulus

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product description

Previously CL-LIC-L-5YR

Key Features
Cumulus Networks is bringing web-scale networking to enterprise cloud with a network operating system that is built for automation and scalability. With commodity hardware and a standardized Linux stack, Our customers have increased operational efficiency by reducing time to production by up to 95%, reduced CapEx by up to one third and reduced OpEx by up to 74%.

Cumulus Linux is a powerful, networking-focused, Linux distribution based on Debian that offers a completely open architecture and is designed for easy automation. Existing open source and commercial Linux applications run natively. That means you can use your existing tools, like for automation and others, to improve efficiency and multiply the number of switches per operator.

Choose from 50+ hardware platforms, from 9 vendors, and two different types of silicon. Build your network based on your needs and your budget, and pivot easily as the industry changes.

· High capacity IP fabrics enable scale, simplicity and rapid evolution
· Auto-provisioning: Zero touch install and zero touch provisioning simplify operations
· Automation: Manage switches like servers with automation tools
· Modern data center orchestration, management, monitoring and troubleshooting with consistent tools across the infrastructure
· Prescriptive Topology Manager verifies physical/logical topology consistency based on a user-specified network graph
· Overlay networks enable flexibility and rapid provisioning of multi-tenant networks


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Cumulus Linux Datasheet

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