ProfiTAP C1AP-10G

Product No.: C1AP-10G

ProfiTAP ProfiShark 10G: 10G SFP+ into USB 3.0 portable troubleshooter, with hardware filtering

Manufacturer: ProfiTAP

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product description

Key Features
The ProfiShark 10G is a portable fiber optic TAP and troubleshooter, built on the successful FPGA-based design of the ProfiShark series. The ProfiShark 10G provides visibility into 10G fiber optic networks, directly to a USB 3.0 connection.

Thanks to the ProfiShark series’ signature compact design, the ProfiShark 10G can be easily transported on the field. Traffic capture and troubleshooting can be done with a laptop, or any computer with a USB 3.0 port. The ProfiShark 10G accepts any SR, LR, and ER SFP+ modules, and can function in both in-line and SPAN mode.

The ProfiShark 10G captures packets of all sizes and types. It also provides a wide assortment of hardware filters, statistics, and configuration options, through the ProfiShark Manager.

· 10G fiber monitoring on USB 3.0
· USB 3.0 powered
· Hardware aggregation
· SPAN and In-Line modes
· Capture any type of frames
· Hardware filtering, deep packet inspection
· Packet slicing
· 8 ns hardware timestamp
· Customizable real time statistics
· In-depth network port diagnostic
· Low level error and bandwidth monitoring
· Direct capture to disk
· Invisible to the network


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ProfiTap C1AP-10G Datasheet

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