PacketLight PL-300-OADM

Product No.: PL-300-OADM

PacketLight PL-300 OADM chassis

Manufacturer: PacketLight

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product description

Key Features
· Passive transparent any rate, any service multiplexing
· Compliant with all optical networking products (ITU grid)
· DWDM passive optical mux/demux supported configuration: 4/8/16/44/48/88/96 channels
· CWDM passive optical mux/demux supported configuration: 4/8/16 channels
· Integrates up to four DCMs
· OADM for 1-4 wavelengths
· Supports single and dual fiber operation

· Expansion of existing fiber capacity regardless of service type
· Building scalable high capacity pay-as-you-grow optical networks
· Convergence of existing networks and new services over existing infrastructure
· Low cost fully passive optical layer solution, transparent to service rate and type
· Extending the fiber optical solution reach for 10G services with DCMs
· Building cost-effective add and drop networks
· Enables stackable solution of 100G/sub-100G products


packetlight pl-300 datasheet.pdf PL-300 (0.66 MB)

Packetlight PL-300 Datasheet

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