Endace DAG9.2SX2

Product No.: DAG9.2SX2

Endace 2x 10GbE/OC192/WAN SFP+ NIC PCIE2 x8, full-height, network monitoring card

Manufacturer: Endace

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product description

Product Features
· The complete capture card for SONET OC192, SDH STM64 clear channel or channelised to OC3/STM-1 and 10GbE Ethernet links
· Full capture of all SONET/SDH overhead bytes, up to 128 simultaneous channels of payload and overhead
· ATM, POS or Ethernet framing
· 10GbE LAN or WAN PHY links
· Link level bit stream capture and replay from 100Mbps to 10.2 Gbps
· Hardware time-stamping with synchronization from host or external time reference
· 2x SFP+ monitoring ports
· PCIe 2.0 x8 based card
· Linux and FreeBSD drivers

· 100% packet capture at full line rate for all packet sizes from 64 Bytes to 9600 Bytes
· Nanosecond-level time-stamping accuracy
· Unrivaled SONET/SDH functionality
· Eliminates the need for multiple additional SONET ADM and capture devices, saving rackspace and substantially reducing CAPEX and OPEX
· Supports up to 64 classification rules for onboard filtering, duplication and steering of captured traffic in hardware at full line rate
· Relative timed replay enables precise reproduction of traffic as captured for testing, performance measurement and other purposes
· Supports up to 32 capture streams with configurable memory allocation per stream (up to 2GB per stream) for load balancing in multi-core host architecture
· Compatible with standard server architecture using PCIe 2.0 x8 bus technology
· Engineered for high-reliability and extended mean time between failure (MTBF) rates
· Zero-fan cooling reduces failure points


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Endace DAG9.2SX2 Datasheet

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